In the Mythical Forest:
Wu Jian’an and Wang Tianwen



In the Mythical Forest:
Wu Jian’an and Wang Tianwen

Duration: Sat., 7th July 2018 - Sun., 7th Oct. 2018
Venue: Chandelier Hall, Aurora Museum 2F, No.99 Fucheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Artists: Wu Jian’an &Wang Tianwen
Curator: Joy Lai
Organizer: Aurora Museum
Admission: 20 RMB per person. ( Free entry with the permanent exhibition ticket)

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In the Mythical Forest


In the Mythical Forest is an extraordinary creation of Wu Jian’an & Wang Tianwen at Aurora Museum, where the ancient mythology, the historical relics, the intangible cultural heritage and the contemporary art are blended together, showing a lively energy behind the tradition. In a sense, cultural antiques are to be seen as vehicle of mythical messages; folk art, fragments of ancient mythical memories; and contemporary artist’s reinterpretation, the mythical re-invention. The three different dimensions converge at “myth” – which is also the core of the “mythical forest”.


The “Mythical Forest” is a mysterious land of the unknown where spirits, forces of nature and man dwell, a Zero Space of synchronicity where the past, the present and the future co-exist. In the gallery space, the boundary between different works is blurred; so as that between heaven and earth, past and present, myth and reality, art and non-art, leading to a state of non-self and non-others.


The Aurora Museum has long been committed to promoting and furthering the study of ancient artifacts from four perspectives – materials, techniques, forms and patterns. In the Mythical Forest features a designated area under the theme of “The Birth of Conquering the Fiery Dragon”, intending to cast light on hide treatment, puppet making and behind-the-scene practice of shadow play t give audience more insights into the Chinese national intangible cultural heritage.


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  • — Wu Jian’an

    Born in Beijing in 1980, the ancestral home of Jinshan, Shanghai. Now he is an associate professor and master tutor of the school of experimental art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and a research fellow of the Chinese traditional arts research and protection center of the Gong Wang Fu, Ministry of culture. His works have been exhibited in New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Art Museum, Venice Biennale China Pavilion, Washington Kennedy Art Center, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Central American Academy art museum, Beijing livelihood Museum of Contemporary Art and other institutions, and held several personal art exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, New York and other places.

  • — Wang Tianwen

    Born in Shaanxi in 1950, he was 12 years old by Li Zhanwen, a famous shadow sculpture master of China (one of the first ten great masters of Art). He was a master of the fifth Chinese arts and crafts as a result of his exquisite craftsmanship. Now it is the president of the Shaanxi shadow Association, the deputy director of the Xi'an shadow Museum in China, the expert of the Chinese shadow art sculpture, and the representative of the artistry of the shadow making of the shadow play of the Shaanxi Hua county. In 2017, he was nominated by "the figures of the year of China's remains".